Impressive heat, traditional ambiance

The Caliber nXt series delivers bold fire and impressive heating power to create a dramatic focal point in any room. Textured fiber interior panels with a traditional or herringbone pattern pair with high heat output and a standard fan for an impressive fireplace experience. Create your unique look and define your space with traditional style, proven value and a beautiful roaring fire.

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Product Description


Comes in two different sizes!

Caliber NXT 36” Glass Size: 35” wide x 24 ⅛” tall

Caliber NXT 42” Glass Size: 42” wide x 26 ⅛” tall

Caliber NXT 36” BTUs Range: 23,000- 40,000 BTU’s

Caliber NXT 42” BTUs Range: 23,000- 40,000 BTU’s